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Production Products Mfg. & Sales Co, Inc. DBA P2 Mission Solutions, is a leading supplier of Electromechanical Systems designed and manufactured to sustain and support military missions around the globe. Since our founding in 1978, we have been solely focused on customer service and delivery of quality, on-time products. Our success is based in our people. Our team maintains key leadership in multiple engineering disciplines and operational excellence with a can-do spirit and an emphasis on partnering with our customers for their success. We design a wide range of highly engineered products for the support of the U.S. military and our allies across the globe.

Leadership Team

Kelli Bittick
Military Electromechanical Systems Kelli Bittick
Barry M. Corona
Military Electromechanical Systems Barry Corona
Tim Birkenmeier
Military Electromechanical Systems Tim Birkenmeier
Lindsey Ballas
Military Electromechanical Systems Tim Birkenmeier

Why Us?

  • Founded in 1978
  • 40-years designing & producing military systems
  • Successfully performed over 500 DoD contracts
woman owned businessSBA WOSB LogoOrion 9001-2015 CertifiedNMSDC CERIFIED 2023
Three manufacturing facilities with a total of 262,000 square feet under roof.
St. Louis, MO Plant
Fulton MO Plant
Fulton, MO Plant
Buffalo Plantppstl
Buffalo, MO Plant

P2 Mission Solutions is Growing

We are looking for top performers who are looking to grow with us! If you're excited to be part of a winning team, then click the Careers button below to go to our “CAREER CENTER”.

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